KCC Documents


The purpose of this document is to give a general overview of KuCoin Community Chain and to serve as a starting point for new users to the KCC ecosystem.
For Developers
For Individuals
How about the KCC consensus - Introduction to the KCC consensus model
What is KCC - An overview of KCC
How to deploy smart contract on KCC - A guide on smart contract deployment
Wallet setup - A guide on how to setup wallet for using KCC
How to deploy tokens - A guide on token deployment
Connect wallet to KCC - A guide on how to configure KCC network in your wallet
How to deploy NFTs - A guide on NFTs deployment
Transfer assets to KCC - A brief intro on token transfer
How to run a full node - Steps to run a full node
Get KCS token - A guide of the several ways to get KCS token
un a validator node
Find a dApp on KCC - Explore KCC ecosystem
How to find out the development tools - A collection of development tools
Submit your dApp on KCC - Learn how to submit your dApp
What is KCC Oracle - Learn more about KCC Oracle
Stake KCS to earn rewards - Tutorial on participating in node staking
What is KCC roadmap - Discover the future of KCC
How to join KCC communities - Get updates on things we are currently working on
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