Send KCS From Your Safe

In the previous section, we created a new Safe. In this tutorial, we will deposit some KCS to your Safe and send KCS from the Safe.

Deposit KCS To Your Safe

If you want to deposit KCS to your Safe, you can directly send KCS to your Safe's address, just as you send KCS to an ordinary user's address (i.e., EOA). Besides, you can click the "Assets" entry on the left:

The resulting page will show all the assets in your Safe. If you hover your mouse on the KCS line, you will see a "Send" and a "Receive" button. Let's click the "Receive" button:

You will see a QR code, which you can scan with the wallet on your phone. And the address of your Safe is also on the pop-up window. Let's click the copy button beside your Safe's address:

In this example, we will use metamask to send 0.2 KCS to our Safe. First, Open your metamask and click the "Send" button:

Then, paste your Safe's address in the blank.

Please make sure your metamask is connecting to the KCC network. Remember!!! You can only use your Safe on KCC. There is no way to recover your fund that is accidentally sent to the same address on another chain.

If you copy the address / scan the QR code from the pop-up window when you click the "Receive" button, the address will have a prefix of "KCC:". You need to manually remove it after ensuring that you are connecting to the KCC network.

If you have a "KCC:" prefix in your address, you need to remove it manually. After that, you can input the amount of KCS you want to send. In this example, we will send 0.2 KCS to our Safe:

After confirming the transaction, let's go back to our Safe's page. You will find 0.2 KCS in your Safe:

Send KCS From Your Safe

Our Safe has three owners, and every transaction should be confirmed by two of all owners. Sending KCS from our Safe includes the following steps:

  1. One of the owners proposes the transaction for sending KCS. Because this owner proposed the transaction, the transaction has already been confirmed by him. (Confirmation from the first owner)

  2. We need another owner to confirm the same transaction. (Confirmation from the second owner)

  3. If we have two owners who have confirmed the transaction, the transaction can be executed.

Let's first propose a transaction. We first go back to the page of our Safe and click the "New Transaction" button on the left:

Then, click the "Send funds" button. You will see a new pop-up window. Input the address of your recipient, select the asset to send, and input the amount to send.

If you have filled in all the required blanks, the "Review" button will become clickable:

After clicking the "Review" button, you will be asked to review the transaction:

If you are happy with all the details, click the "Submit" button. Your metamask would pop up a window and ask you to sign a message:

Scroll down to the end of the message, the "Sign" button will become clickable. Click it and sign the transaction:

If everything works well, you will see the following page:

Note that the proposer already confirms the transaction. We need only one more confirmation from another owner.

Now, you can send the link to the above page to another owner.

If the account of another owner is also in your metamask, you can switch to that account in your metamask.

Open the above page and connect with the account of another owner, you will see that the "Confirm" button becomes clickable:

Click the "Confirm" button, and you will see a pop-up window as follows:

If you check the "Execute transaction" option, you will not only confirm the transaction but also execute it. However, executing a transaction would cost you some KCS. If you don't have any KCS in this owner's account, you can uncheck this option:

Without checking the "Execute transaction" option, we will only confirm the transaction but not execute it. Let's click the "Submit" button. Again, a metamask window will pop up, and you confirm the transaction by clicking the "Sign" button. After that, the transaction is confirmed by two of the owners. So, we can execute it:

Now, any owner can connect their wallet and click the "Execute" button. And your metamask will pop up a window and ask you to send a transaction. In this transaction, 0.1 KCS will be transferred out from your Safe.

If everything works well, the status of your transaction will become "Executed":

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