The KCC Bridge

The KCC Bridge is a multi-chain bridge that helps you transfer assets between different chains. Currently, you can transfer your assets from Ethereum, Binance chain, Polygon, Fantom, or Avalanche to KCC. Besides, you can also transfer your assets back from KCC to the original chains.

Let's take an example to see how KCC Bridge works. We assume that you want to transfer your ETH from Ethereum to KCC. First, you deposit your ETH on the source chain (Ethereum). You deposit your ETH by interacting with the Bridge contract on Ethereum:

A few Bridge operators will independently watch the deposit events emitted from the Bridge contract on Ethereum.

Each operator will independently verify the validity of the deposit transaction. If the transaction passes all the checks, each operator will initiate a "withdraw Token" transaction on KCC:

If more than the required (currently at least two) number of operators have initiated "Withdraw Token" transactions, the last operator's transaction will trigger the minting process: The corresponding amount of Pegged-ETH will be minted to the user.

If a user wants to transfer his ETH from KCC back to Ethereum. The reverse of the above would happen: The user will burn his Pegged-ETH through the Bridge contract on KCC, and then the operators will help to release his ETH locked in the Bridge contract on Ethereum.

The KCC Bridge Smart Contracts are open-sourced. You can find them on GitHub:

And you can also find a complete list of all the deployed contracts on each chain here.

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