Rules for Calculation of Gas Revenue

1. The KCC team will calculate the project gas revenue ratio according to the comprehensive dimensions of the registered projects.

The gas revenue ratio = the rating of the project track + the rating of the project's development + the rating of length of the deployment+ the rating of the interaction data generated by the project.

*Reference materials (the content attached below is for reference only, subject to the final publicized version of KCC, and the KCC team has the right to dynamically adjust the rating standards in the future according to the actual situation)

Track Rating:

Project Development:

Developed Month:

Contract Interaction Number Ranked:

The Ratio of Different Ratings:

2. The KCC team will divide the gas fee for the successfully registered projects on a monthly basis.

Eg: If Project A signs up for the KCC Gas Revenue Program on April 10 and completes the review on April 12, and the refund rate is 100%. Then Project A will receive 100% of the gas generated from April 12 to April 30 in May.

3. The KCC team will adjust the monthly rating of the registered projects according to the actual situation.

How to Join the KCC Gas Revenue Program

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