KCC Social Media Promotion

Twitter Announcement Content Requires:

  1. MUST refrain from using words such as collaboration, partnership, joining hands, etc. Instead, we encourage use of words like launching, coming on, live on, bringing, and integrating;

  2. MUST refrain from shilling or encouraging buying/staking a token of any sorts;

  3. In the launch announcement, if one would like to include promotional campaigns such as giveaway, airdrop, or other monetary incentives, one MUST confirm the messaging with your BD contact at KCC.

  4. If this is a multi-chain deployment, one MUST ensure that this is a KCC-specific announcement;

  5. Include KCC elements in the announcement:

    • The only official KCC Twitter account is: @KCCOfficialTW

    • The related KCC accounts are: @0xleandre, @eth_cedric

    • Use KCC logos from here.

Requesting a Retweet/Quote Tweet from the KCC Official Twitter Account

  1. MUST use the following format for tweet requests to your point of contact at KCC. A retweet/quote tweet will typically be arranged within 3 business days.

    • Link to the product on KCC dApp page:_____

    • Link to the launch tweet from your Twitter account:_______

  2. As a company policy, the KCC official Twitter account will only co-market with projects that have been listed on the KCC Discover.

Joint Campaigns

  1. If you are requesting for retweet/quote tweet on top of the launch announcement (eg. marketing campaigns, product updates etc.), please submit your request in the following format with your point of contact at KCC:

    • Link to the product on KCC dApp page:_____

    • Link to the tweet from your Twitter account:_______

  2. If you want to host a marketing campaign together with KCC officials, one MUST prepare their proposal in the following format and submit it to your point of contact at KCC:

    • Background (Why):_________

    • Purpose of the campaign:________

    • Goals to reach:__________

    • Roles that KCC plays:________

    • Rules:_________

    • Execution Plan:__________

Twitter Space

KCC is offering Twitter Space/AMA for projects that have been listed on the KCC Discover. It is free of charge for the first time. If you want to book an AMA with KCC, please prepare the following materials:

  • Speaker: Name, Position (title), Profile Pic;

  • Project Logo: Landscape with the project name in PNG or SVG;

  • Topic of the AMA;

  • Prize Pool: Anything that you can provide as prizes such as NFTs, USDT, native token, and/or free accounts.

Announcement on Telegram & Discord

Post your launch announcement in our Telegram Community and Discord Server channels for everyone to see:

  1. KCC official Telegram News Channel: https://t.me/KCCOfficialChannel

  2. KCC official Telegram Group: https://t.me/KCCOfficialEnglishCommunity

  3. KCC official Discord Server: #📣-kcc-announcement

YouTube Video

For projects that are listed on the KCC Discover, you can post one product demonstration video on our YouTube channel sharing and guide users to use your product. If you want to post your video on KCC’s YouTube channel, please record your draft video in the following format and submit it to your point of contact at KCC.

  • Video Demo Content Guide:

  1. Intro to your project

  2. What are the key functions of your project

  3. How to navigate through your app

  4. Future use cases or plans you have for KuCoin/KCC communities

  5. Other things you would like to mention

  6. How to follow your project’s socials

  7. Conclusion

  • File format:

  1. At least 1080P in resolution

  2. No need to show the speaker’s face in video

  3. Landscape

  4. No background music

  • The KCC team will review and edit the content within 5 business days after receiving it. The official post will be made within 10 business days.

  • To protect the users, if the project has risk exposure, such as funds being hacked, KCC has the right to delist the video temporarily until risks have been relieved.

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