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Install KCC

How to install KCC

Node Client

The KCC node client is based on Go Ethereum (aka, Geth). To run a KCC node, you only need to install a single binary. You can either build the binary from the source or download it from our GitHub release page. Besides, you can also use an automatically built docker image.

Option 1: Build From The Source

  • Install Golang 1.13 or later
  • Install "make" and a C compiler
    • For Ubuntu users, you can install "build-essential".
    • For CentOS users, you can install the "Development Tools" group
  • git
First, clone the KCC node client repository:
git clone --depth 1 -b kcc \
--single-branch https://github.com/kcc-community/kcc.git
Then, "make":
cd kcc/ && make
If everything works well, you will find the resulting binary at:

Option 2: Download The Binary From GitHub Release Page

Go to the GitHub Release Page of the KCC client node repository, and the latest binary can be found in the assets section under the latest release notes:

Option 3: Use Docker

If you want to know more about docker, please go to the docker official docs.
You can find the automatically built docker images from KCC official docker hub repository. Clone the latest docker image by running the following commands:
docker pull kucoincommunitychain/kcc:latest