Use A DApp With Your Safe

Let's first go to the page of your Safe. You will see some supported dApps at the bottom of the page.

In this tutorial, we will swap KCS for MJT on Mojitoswap with our Safe. Let's click the MojitoSwap logo. After that, you will see the Mojitoswap app embedded in your Safe's page:

Note the MojitoSwap shows that you are connecting with your Safe's account.

When you confirm the swap in MojitoSwap, you will see a pop-up window as follows:

Let's click the "Submit" button. Then your metamask will pop up a window and ask you to sign a message.

After signing the transaction, click the "transactions" entry on the left of your Safe's page:

There will be a transaction in the queue. This is the transaction you have just proposed.

After being confirmed by one more owner of the Safe, the transaction can be executed.

If you don't know to confirm and execute a proposed transaction, please check the previous section: Send KCS From Your Safe

If everything goes well, you will find the resulting MJT token in your Safe:

Every transaction on MojitoSwap has a deadline. If you have to wait for a very long time until the other owner can confirm a transaction, your MojitoSwap transaction may be out of date. Besides, the price on MojitoSwap may also change when you wait for the other owner to confirm. Nevertheless, you can work around this by using a longer deadline and a greater slippage tolerance:

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