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Listing on the KCC Discover dApps

Discover dApps is an overview of the dApps in the KCC ecosystem.

  • Make sure you fulfill the qualifications of the section above;

  • Fill in the project information on submit page to add their dApp on KCC;

  • The KCC Team will review the submission in 5 working days.

*The KCC team has the right to regularly review the projects displayed on this page. If potential risks are found in the projects and cannot be resolved after communication, the KCC team has the right to temporarily remove the risky projects from the display.

Register for the KCC Gas Revenue Program

Gas Revenue Program is the implementation of the KCC Ecosystem Incentive Program, which supports gas refunds to the KCC contract deployers (Gas here refers to the gas fee spent by the user when using the protocol).

  • All projects listed on the KCC Discover page can register for the KCC Gas Revenue Program;

  • Register here and make sure to fill out all fields;

  • The KCC team will contact you within 5 working days and complete the project review within 7 working days.

View more details of the KCC Gas Revenue Program

Announce on the KCC News

The KCC News is the official information integration platform of KCC.

  • All projects listed on the KCC Discover page can apply to publish content on the KCC News;

  • Released content includes project introductions, technical updates, product updates, brand news, large-scale events, etc.;

  • If the project wants to publish content on the KCC News, it needs to submit content materials to the KCC BD at least 3 working days in advance (you can contact directly or send an email to kcc-business@kcc.network);

  • Materials include title, text content, pictures, project introduction, and contact information. Click to see the project introduction demo

*To protect users' rights, the content published on KCC News must be reviewed by the KCC team and published by GoDAO members.

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