Create New Safe

A Safe is a smart contract wallet that multiple parties control. Creating a safe is quite straightforward.

Go to in your browser, and you will see the following page:

Click the big green "Create new Safe" button, and you will be directed to the following page:

Click the green "Connect" button, then select your wallet:

Let's take matamask as an example. After clicking the "MetaMask" logo, your metamask will pop up a window and ask you to confirm the connection to Gnosis Safe:

Select the wallet your want to use, then click "Next". You will see the following page:

Click the green "Continue" button, and the page will ask for the name of your safe. Let's name it "my-first-safe". Input your name in the blank and then click the green "Continue" button:

Now, it comes to the most interesting part: set the owners of your Safe. You can add as many owners as you want by clicking the "+ Add another owner" button. In this example, I have added two more addresses (one starting with 0xDa05, another starting with 0x0508 ) as the owners of my safe.

The first owner of the safe is always your account.

You can also give each owner a name by inputting a name in the blank before the owner's address.

Before clicking the green "Continue" button, we must choose the confirmation policy of the safe. In this example, I choose "2", which means any transaction from this safe must be confirmed by two of the owners (this safe has three owners in total).

Our safe has three owners in total. If you choose "3" for the confirmation policy and even one of the owners cannot access his personal wallet (i.e., metamask/ledger, etc.), you can not access your safe anymore! Therefore, people usually use a number smaller than the total number of owners for the confirmation policy. For example, use "4" on a safe with 6 owners.

After clicking the green "Continue" button, we come to the last part:

You are asked to review all the setups. If everything is as expected, you can click the "Create" button to create your Safe on chain. Your metamask will pop up and ask you to confirm a transaction. This will cost you some KCS for paying the transaction fee.

If everything works very well, you will see the following page:

Let's click the green "Get Started" button. Bravo! That is your first Safe on KCC:

You can bookmark the link of the page above, or you can remember the address of your Safe:

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