How to participate in KCS Staking

1)Set up your KCC wallet;

If you haven’t set up your KCC wallet, you can see this tutorial to set up your KCC Wallet first.

2.)Have enough KCS in your crypto wallet;

KCS is the gas on KCC, you can buy KCS on KuCoin or MojitoSwap. You also can borrow KCS from Torches.

3) Visit the node staking page and connect your crypto wallet

After having enough KCS, visit node staking pages on KCC and connect your crypto wallet.

4) Stake KCS to vote

After that, click “Stake Now”, to start voting for validators.

5) Choose the validators

Choose which validators you are going to vote for and click the “Vote” button.

6) Stake your KCS

Enter the amount of KCS that you want to stake. 1 KCS represents 1 vote, and It should be an integer amount. Then click “Vote” to complete the staking.

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